Apple Developers Group (ADG) is a name synonymous
with excellence, simplicity and dedication. It is a
registered student community at VIT, Vellore established
under the Apple University program. A coterie of talented
minds seeking not just success but perfection.

We are blessed to be guided by our faculty co-ordinator
Prof. Rajkumar R.

Our mission is to provide a base for zealous students so
that they can nurture, grow and explore the dynamic world
of technology. To enhance the technical innovativeness of
the students by organizing workshops and hackathons in
order to attract the interest of the students and foster
their skills. To exhibit professional ethics, commitment
and leadership qualities and promote community and
workforce development.

At ADG-VIT, our vision is to elevate the standards of
technical education and foster leadership qualities by
augmentation of human resource potential. We try to
expose students to the latest advancements in computer
technology and give individuals an opportunity for
sharing and extending ideas, views and knowledge in the
field of computers and fast changing technology. We offer
indispensable guidance, workshops and events for
students to explore their full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many events does ADG conduct in a year?

ADG usually conducts 2 events each during the technical and the cultural fests. One of these is the flagship event the "iOS Fusion" where one gets to learn specifically about Swift and its scope by getting some hands-on practice during the workshop.
During the cultural fest, the events conducted are a blend of innovation and tech. We also conduct a Hackathon, branded as HackGrid, every year!! ADG has lots to offer.

Q. What does the chapter offer in terms of learning?

The chapter offers a lot of growth in the learning sphere
so one can explore different domains as mentioned and
choose the ones they think are the best for them and build projects on them!

Q. I want to join ADG. So…when do you recruit?

The tentative recruitment drive starts every winter semester.
Anything otherwise, shall be communicated through our social media platforms.
Hence, keep checking them.

Q. Do I need Apple devices to be a part this chapter?

It's not at all necessary to have an apple device to be a part of ADG unless you need to be a part of the iOS Domain, for iOS App Development Macbook is compulsory.

Q. Hey, Do I need to be good in coding to be a part of this chapter?

To become a part of the technical domains you need to have a decent technical knowledge, but don't get intimidated, practice what you know and you are good to go. Moreover, you can definitely apply if you have a zeal to learn!

Q. Is it okay if I'm not from any computer science related branches?

Yes, it's completely okay!
All you need is enthusiasm to learn and you're good to go!

Q. What are the domains in ADG, is it only iOS Dev?

The following are the technical domains in ADG:
IOS dev, Android Dev, Web Dev, ML, Design & Competitive Coding
Apart from these, we have Management, Design and Video Editing. Choose whatever suits you the best. Check them out here.

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